Our Philosophy:
Pet Camp's Owner:
Silke and her dog Bessy

About Silke Schröder:
Silke has been training dogs
professionally since 1998.  
Born and raised in Germany she
immigrated to Saint Augustine,
FL in 1988.  She had the
opportunity to work with World
Champion trainers in the area
(Agility and Frisbee).  Silke has
worked in Obedience and
Schutzhund (protection dog)
training as well as in Search and
Rescue and Cadaver Search.  
Silke has put many titles on her
dogs and she placed 2nd at the
2001 German Northern States
Dog Sporting Championship
(consisting of obedience and
agility trial, a slalom and a
hurdle race).  She qualified for
and participated in the 2005
USDAA Agility World
Championships. During her first
Dog Frisbee competition Silke
and her deaf dog Aqua came in
2nd (Freestyle) and 3rd DNA
(Distance and Accuracy) at the
2013 UFO Florida
State Championships.
Her training approach is of  an
upbeat, positive and happy
Welcome to your dog’s home away from
home! Pet Camp is a safe, secure, and
stress free environment for your dog, with
our large spacious indoor and outdoor
facility. Our leash free acres of  backyard
provide hours of exercise and fun for your
dog and our suites and specialty suites will
pamper your pet when they are inside.  We
are an all inclusive dog boarding facility
that loves to let dogs be dogs.
Out on five acres yet close to downtown
St. Augustine, we offer four large shaded
playgrounds to our Doggie Playcare
customers and overnight Boarders to
romp around in. Our luxurious and
spacious climate controlled dog suites
with automatic water bowls provide a
comfortable and safe environment at
night and during resting time.  We group
dogs according to size and temperament
and provide hours of outside
playtime every day at no additional charge.

We offer several different training
programs here at camp.  From Puppy Class
to Basic Obedience, Dog Agility, Problem
Solving and Behavior Modification to
Advanced Training and a
Get Fit With Fido Class.  
Our philosophy is to encourage
responsible pet ownership and
improvement of the human/pet
relationship through our diversified
education programs.

Pet Camp strives to provide  a
comfortable, loving, happy, stimulating
and safe environment for your pet
during the times you are not able to.

We are located at:  
1195 Thompson Bailey Rd., St. Augustine, Florida.

(904) 829-6165

             Our Drop-Off , Pick-Up and People Hours:

                      Mo-Fr:        7:00-11:30am and 2:30-5:30pm
                      Sat:             7:00am-12:00pm
                      Sun:           Closed for the two-legged kind.
As of August 1st, 2013 Pet Camp will no longer accept any new  clients with
purebred Pitbulls, Bulldogs as well as  some Bullybreed Mixes  and
Staffordshire Terriers  for Boarding and/or Daycare unless they go through
a screening process and display a low level of reactivity and are very friendly
with all dogs. This can be accomplished by simply enrolling in a day of
daycare during which we can observe the dog's behavior. This policy will not  
affect our existing clients that own any of the above mentioned breeds or our
training programs, in which we welcome and encourage these dogs to
participate in. This was a difficult decision for us to make. Having an extensive
background in working with these breeds we feel that due to their often low
aggression threshold, high prey drive and unmatched physical power, these
particular dogs pose an increase in  liability and risk factor to us and our
boarding clients. Thank you for your understanding.
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